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Stellar Customer Service

Work has dragged on for an interminable amount of time these last few weeks.  I mean, it’s had me seriously considering if it is, in fact, possible for time to move so slowly that it’s going backwards.  When work is … Continue reading

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Bizarro Universe Strikes Again

I don’t know what it is, but apparently there is something about me that just SCREAMS for people to share their deep, dark secretsr with me.  Their personal kinks, scary hijinks, and anything else that can’t be contained behind a … Continue reading

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My Neighbor had a Cat

Throughout my life, I have often joked about being the “untalented” one out of my group of friends and family. I know songwriters, actors, singers, pianists, photographers, scenic designers, graphic designers, cartoonists, writers, dancers and storytellers — just to name … Continue reading

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How to help slow people get faster results

Originally published March 24, 2012 So, we’ve established that I live out in the middle of Crazytown, county of Dogfuck, State of Nowhere. It isn’t the most remote location in my past, and usually not even the scariest.   Unless … Continue reading

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