Finding the Bard Inside

Life circumstances change everyday, and it’s often how you handle the changes that will define you in whatever role you find yourself. Are you a leader? A follower? The jester? The slacker? The whiner? The doer? The politician? The scapegoat?

My life circumstances took a fairly dramatic shift a couple of months ago when I stepped down from my managerial role in one company to work on the front lines of another.

I have a cubbyhole locker and a cubicle now. Everyone I work with has a cubicle now. And I can only hope that I am able to provide as much entertainment for them as they have for me.

The first, of what promises to be many, of my patented cubicle shout outs goes to a team member talking with a friend and as I walked by, I heard, “Dear Jesus, bless the hungry children and please make me horny.”

Tell me that’s not a line that makes you want to stop and ask questions and I will tell you that you’re lying. I didn’t pry. I didn’t ask. That means my filters and manners were both working that day. I do not mean that I wasn’t curious about the rest of that conversation.

But really…could the real conversation been any better than any conversation imagined in my head that would include, “Dear Jesus, bless the hungry children and please make me horny.”

Somehow, I think not.

I have found that my role in these changing life circumstances will be somewhat of a bard. Writing the stories to keep the memories alive. Bards have much better stuff than jesters anyway.

Originally posted September 2012

About VJP

Just a girl who enjoys writing to keep her mentally ready for whatever life throws her way
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