Have you ever noticed that, when there’s a group of people standing at the crosswalk, waiting on the little white walking figure to appear so they can cross the street, if one person starts to cross the street, EVERYONE starts to cross the street.  Now, I’m not talking about when the signal flips to “walk”. I’m talking about that brave individual who thinks for herself, watching the traffic dynamics and determines that, for whatever reason, it is safe for her to cross the road at that moment. She takes a deep breath, she looks both ways, and she steps into the flow of traffic.  Everyone else takes a step into the flow of traffic. And about half of them moonwalk backwards to get back onto the curb, mentally berating the other half for continuing forward behind that one girl with the glasses and no sense of self-preservation. The other half that half watches the lanes of traffic and goes, “oh fuck, we need too run now” as they start pushing their way through the rest of the lane to the other side.

This happened to me yesterday.  I felt a hot breath on the back of my neck and a tall man behind  me screeched and then sighed as he started to follow me across the 4 lanes of traffic on my way to the parking garage.  I looked back to find him glaring at me, like it was my fault that I’d initiated the mass exodus when it was too early.

“Not my fault, dude. They’re following me.”

About VJP

Just a girl who enjoys writing to keep her mentally ready for whatever life throws her way
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